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Jessica Karl Rice

Owner / Coach

What happens when you mix a big vision thinker with a creative spirit?

Hello. My name is Jessica Rice and I am a coach, creator, and strategist. I have carried many titles over the years – designer, developer, leader, and coach. While I greatly enjoy geeking out behind my computer creating cool stuff, what I love even more is helping others to grow and pursue their dreams.

After fifteen years chasing the corporate unicorn, I began to realize I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. I learned how to hone my skills and reign in my creativity towards thinking about business strategy – everything from branding and marketing to design layout, dev systems and architecture. I started thinking like a leader and began coaching my team to grow and take on responsibilities to help them grow along their path and I realized…this is what I love doing. ❤️

I am creative vision coach + brand strategist – you can call me a brand coach, creativity coach, transformational coach, business coach, or executive coach. Technically, I have coached in all these capacities. What I see is there is a thread that crosses over all of these areas when you are passionate about creating a new vision, business, and life for yourself.

So, whether you are an entrepreneur, artist, leader, or still figuring it out, I want to help you create clarity around your purpose and empower you to step out and own your truth. Your ideas are powerful and there is a reason you feel called to do something greater.

Oh, and I’m a mom who chose to homeschool my child (which is for another story). So, if you’re wondering how you can make your dreams work and juggle your life responsibilities – you can and I would love to work with you to get there.

Let’s create together.


Live your path, Love your journey.

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