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Bigger Vision

So many women work to create meaningful careers and wind up in a constant cycle of working toward attaining new certificates, degrees, or other ways gaining traction reach higher levels of success. This leaves them feeling burnt out, under valued, and lost as they work toward achieving the next level and instead find themselves not receiving the accolades, achievements, and compensation they deserve. In that process, they end up devoting all their energy and time to growing their careers and up drained and unfulfilled wondering if something greater is missing from their lives.

My passion is to empower women looking to expand their lives and go next level to tap into their creative genius, expand their vision, and know their worth in order to create a career and life that is aligned with purpose, passion, freedom, and excitement.

I have experienced putting all my energy into a life that left me feeling drained and unfulfilled and by aligning my values, passions, and purpose I was able to reshape my life and career that enabled me to grow beyond the confines of my previous role and move into pursuing what actually served my purpose – and that is what I work with other heart-centered leaders to achieve.

Vision Creators Community

Have you been looking for a holistic way to grow your vision or dream business?

If you are a high-achieving visionary, leader, creative type or someone who has big ideas, this is for you. The Vision Creators Community is a place where you can bring your whole self to aligning your dreams, passions, and purpose. Your work shouldn’t feel like a departure from who you are – it should be an extensiof of you! Which is what this community helps to provide.

As a member in this community, you will be able to start crafting your larger vision and growing into the life you have been wanting to lead. Become a Vision Creator today – where you can empower your dreams and meet others who collectively activate and create our desired lives.

Become a Vision Creator

Jessica provided a very safe space allowing for deeper exploration of my limiting beliefs and values resulting in multiple shifts in my perspective and actions towards my overall goals. Jessica’s curiosity helped me increase my awareness and create a better understanding of how my patterns were serving or not serving my goals and intentions. Working with Jessica allowed me to take many actions towards my goals creating significant momentum that will be a foundation for growing business.


Transition Coach

Vision Coaching

Deep coaching allows you to discover and remove barriers that limit you, while executive brand coaching focuses on aligning your personal, brand and business strategies so you can grow and flourish. I call this Vision Coaching – a holistic, bespoke method to help you accomplish your dreams.

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