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I’m Jessica, a vision coach and strategist. I help artists, entrepreneurs, and creators activate their dreams and grow their vision.

You are your brand – and what you create is your legacy.

My coaching style integrates deep transformational, executive brand, and creative coaching. I have worked with corporate leaders to artists to special forces.

Deep coaching allows you to discover and remove barriers that limit you, while executive brand coaching focuses on aligning your personal, brand and business strategies so you can grow and flourish. I call this Vision Coaching – a holistic, bespoke method to help you accomplish your dreams.

Coaching Philosophy

If you are looking to work with someone who understands both the creative process and technical needs of business and who integrates both aspects of your vision – personal and business goals – then let’s meet.

My calling is to help creators get out of their own way and do what they are meant to do.

Whether you are looking to 10x your brand or are transitioning your career, set up a Vision Clarity Session to discuss your goals and see if Vision Coaching is right for you.

There are no accidents and my desire is to serve you fully.

Are you ready to grow and activate your vision?

Ways we can work together

I help creatives, entrepreneurs, and visionaries navigate the waters of their calling and release stories that no longer serve them so that they may walk in their purpose.

Our coaching relationship is just that – a relationship.

Co-creating with creatives and entrepreneurs to connect their vision and grow their brand is Vision Coaching. Together we journey into your greatest passions so that you are ready to activate and grow your vision.

Vision Coaching

Together we meet in 1:1 sessions to explore your dreams, discuss growth strategies, and deepen your purpose.

Vision Coachin is a 6 month committment to your personal and business growth.

Vision Creators Community

Discover a community where you can grow and be supported with fellow artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

If you are looking to launch your brand or grow your vision, this is the place where you can put your ideas into action.

Access to live courses, workshops, and vision tools available to community members.


Live courses & events

Live courses are a great way to further your purpose and build your dream brand.

Courses occur throughout the year, along with a seasonal workshops to continue your vision planning, the Vision Creators Series – available for community members.

What others are saying…

Jessica provided a very safe space allowing for deeper exploration of my limiting beliefs and values resulting in multiple shifts in my perspective and actions towards my overall goals. Jessica’s curiosity helped me increase my awareness and create a better understanding of how my patterns were serving or not serving my goals and intentions. Working with Jessica allowed me to take many actions towards my goals creating significant momentum that will be a foundation for growing business.


Transition Coach

From the very beginning Jessica (Rowan & Hazel) was there to show me how my ideas were just one good design away to making my vision come to life. Now I have a growing fitness coaching business where I am in control of my production, schedule and salary. The best part is I have learned how manage, monitor and build my business from the inside out.

Working with Jessica has instilled an awareness and a confidence in me that I didn’t even know I had! In addition to my gorgeous website, my favorite thing working with Jessica has been her coaching style. She puts the client first by listening and asking good open-ended questions. She then takes that information and presents options for me to choose “how” I wish to execute my master game plan. This strategy has proven to be very effective for me as I have learned to be the driver of my own success. Thank you Jessica!


Owner /The Graceful Athlete

Through Jessica’s insightful questions and her genuine desire to help, she creates a safe space toward discovery of self and purpose. I was able to uncover some remarkable possibilities and break-throughs on moving toward my passion-work. I realized I was standing in my own way with some limited thinking, created by some experiences of the past. This thought process no longer serves me and is really no longer true for today. There were some epiphanies that still resonate deeply within, and I have some palpable tools I now use to move forward. I’m so thankful for these sessions with Jessica, and am very excited for my future.



Vision Creators Community

Don’t let yourself or the world block you from creating your dreams. Your purpose is worth exploring and your brand is worth pursuing.

Focus on your zone of genius, grow your brand, and create your passion along side an elite group of artists, creators, and entrepreneurs — and let your vision flow.


Breakthrough Coaching Enhanced Practitioner
Certified Breakthrough Coach
ICF Member
ACE Certified Coach
Foundations of Great Coaching Enhanced Practitioner
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