know your worth

June 27 - July 1

Connect with your inner self and create a deeper understanding of your wisdom, joy, experiences, and brilliance.

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Are you struggling to shine in a toxic work environment?
Have years of office politics squashed your dreams and worn away your confidence and self-worth?

Then this free online retreat is for you!

You are Brilliant!

This 5-day workshop series is just for you.

Give yourself permission to show up for yourself, deepen your inner awareness, and gain clarity and gratitude for the brilliant person you bring to this world.

Acknowledging our own worth is something we do not easily do – especially when we start to embark on a transition in our life (career, business, big purpose). The comparison thief comes, imposter syndrome, and the myriad of doubts that tell us we aren’t worthy of something greater and do bring any value. Does this sound familiar?

Release yourself from mental paralysis over the course of 5 days, where you will meet others similar to you, dig deep on your goals and purpose, explore your BIG vision for your life, and start appreciating the woven tapestry of your story, experience, wisdom, and talents that make you uniquely positioned to offer your voice, love, and brilliance with the world.

Your Journey to Unshakable Self-Worth

Day 1 – Your Story – It’s all about your experiences, love.

Day 2 – Your Unique Approach – Today’s about your unique perspective on the world and how it helps you.

Day 3 – Your Qualities – Today we digging deeper on your unique qualities

Day 4 – Your Strengths – It’s all about your strengths!

Day 5 – Your Greatest Assets – Your greatest skills that you uniquely bring to the world.

Tried and True Transformation

  • Daily Coaching Calls – 2:30PST (Zoom + recordings)
  • Workbook to coincide with daily actions
  • Visualization exercises
  • Online Community (on Mighty Networks)
  • Free Bonus: Life Goals Toolkit
Katie Testimonial

“Working with Jessica has instilled an awareness and a confidence in me that I didn’t even know I had! She puts the client first by listening and asking good open-ended questions. She then takes that information and presents options for me to choose “how” I wish to execute my master game plan.”


Owner / The Graceful Athlete
Trudy Testimonial

“Through Jessica’s insightful questions and her genuine desire to help, she creates a safe space toward discovery of self and purpose. I was able to uncover some remarkable possibilities and break-throughs on moving toward my passion-work.”


Jessica Rice - Coach

Special Message

Hello! I am so glad you have decided to say YES to claiming your worth! As your coach, my mission is to help you connect with your deeper purpose and inner worth. You have so much to share with this world and we need your unique voice, talents, and experience.

Often times we get caught up in the drive to compare ourselves with others. We are surrounded by so many instances of comparison on social media, television, magazines – it is hard to escape our own self judgement.

As someone who has climbed the corporate ladder and branched out as an entrepreneur, I can tell you that the only one who ends up hurting is you.

Claim your power, victory, and joy. Share your experiences, wisdom, and skills. Embrace your story and truth. Only you have experienced the culmination of your full potential – and that is what you are here to reconnect with on a deeper level so that you can walk in your BIG vision for your life.

Are you ready to join me?

This is going to be an amazing experience of connection with both yourself and others who are on a similar journey of self-empowerment.

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